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Have you ever wanted to begin OpenSource development, but just couldn’t get down to it?

Or maybe you already have a project, but don’t have enough time and effort to support it?

Here at OSS Board we collect tasks that are waiting for their heroes.


The two following projects inspired me to create OSS Board:


mkdevis a service where newcomers can study development supervised by mentors.This approach can help novices learn new technologies and facilitate the acquisition of new skills. That said, for professional growth you have to fill your portfolio with real projects, which are only open for developers with experience in real “combat” development.

Cult of Martians

CoM [ru]is a project by "Evil Martians". It contains tasks of varying complexity and duration for both back-end and front-end devs. Every task has its own author, who can evaluate your decision-making and give detailed feedback.All the projects are real but specific to the "martian" stack.

I developed my own service for anyone who wants to contribute to the OpenSource and improve their skills in this field. On OSS Board any participant can find a suitable task and project authors will find helpers and gain mentoring experience.

Basic principles


The project relies fully on OpenSourсe. Login viaGitHuband use all the service’s features, such as creating tasks, looking for open assignments and commenting on side projects.


Mentor the developer solving your problem. Be ready to help them set up the environment, code, and be prepared to explain the logic of how your solution works. Be open, and help with both advice and actions. If you’remaking your first steps in OpenSource and run into an inspiring assignment, feel free to contact the author for assistance and recommendations.


Only "live" projects that benefit the OpenSource community are posted on OSS Board.Each task goes through a preliminary assessment. A community of moderatorswill help authors and developers work on their projects and not leave the process unattended.

Help and Communication

OpenSource is primarily about communication and mutual support. Therefore, the core purpose of the project is to benefit the community and facilitate the communication between newcomers and maintainers.


At this stage, OSS Board is a prototype. I am planning to work further on the project’s development, so I would be really grateful for any feedback, comments and suggestions for service improvements.

How to participate?

If you are a maintainer, you can send tasks from your projects, and if you are a developer, then you can solve them. Communicate and help each other, and may the Force be with you.

Welcome and happy hacking!